Living Artistically

Daily Diversity Story 6

Living Artistically

Everyone in the Far South loves Michael’s story. How his artworks in sand were admired, and how angry people were when the police hounded him off the beach because he had a hat on the sand, hoping for donations. They said he needed a permit to do that.

There was an outcry on social media, and good people were galvanised into action. They got him a permit. Now he has his station in front of the Galley restaurant, and creates something different almost every day. He is self-taught, and has been doing this all this life, starting in the Eastern Cape. What talent he has, portraying wildlife of every kind, portraits, emblems to celebrate Fish Hoek’s centenary, even political satire.

When I was there the other morning, I asked if I could come into his enclosure for a photo with him. His friend took my phone and started snapping pictures while Michael helped me down the slope. There, he gave me a spade so that I could pretend I was also building artworks – such fun! An experience well worth the R100 tip, and I have the photos forever.

He’s up against the perennial problem of the artist – how to make a living. His art enriches our lives, and insofar as the passing public rewards him, we are also creating art, making living an art.

Below is something the humble Mr. Myekwa said (from The People’s Post this week).

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